Soup of the Day – served with sourdough multi-grain buttered toast: $8

Empanada – pastry filled with vegan ground beef with Argentinian seasoning served with Chimichurri sauce: $12

Pizza Swirl – seasoned scone rolled up with tomato sauce, black olives, and a sprinkling of vegan cheddar cheese: $2.99

Danish Pâté Sandwich – vegetable pâté topped with braised red cabbage, a drizzle of vegan Danish Remoulade, a sprig of fresh dill, served open-faced on sourdough multi-grain toast: $10

Tomato Arugula Cheese-melt Sandwich – a delicious sandwich on pumpernickel bread: $13

BLT Sandwich – a delicious vegan “bacon”, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on sourdough bread: $13

Vegan Tuna Sandwich – vegan soy tuna salad with chopped green onion and celery served open-face on whole wheat toast points with fresh cucumber slices: $10

Breakfast Sandwich – melted “cheese”, “ham”, and “egg” on a toasted English muffin: $7

Mushroom Melt Sandwich – melted “cheese”, mushrooms, and “egg” on a toasted bun: $7

Bagel with Cream Cheese – toasted organic sprouted wheat bagel with a house blend of vegan cream cheese with fresh dill: $5.99

Bagel – toasted organic sprouted wheat bagel with vegan butter: $3.99

Pesto Scone – seasoned scone with a vegan pesto cream cheese filling brushed with pesto: $3.99

Smoothie Bowls – Raspberry Blast, Blueberry Bliss, or Pineapple Coconut Cream: $12.99